Carestream DVE 14×17″ (35×43 CM) DVE 125 SH

Carestream DVE 14×17″ (35×43 CM) DVE 125 SH
KategoriFilm Rontgen, Radiologi, X Ray
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Carestream DVE 125 SH


Size 14×17 inchi / 35×43 cm
Kemasan 125 Shet/Box
Berat kurang lebih 6kg

Lifetime (100+ years) film archivability

Suited to a range of imagers and general radiology applications
Five film sizes on 7-mil blue polyester base
AIQC system-matched with the DRYVIEW Laser Imagers
AIQC ensures contrast and density meet preset user preferences
Quality control performed without operator intervention to enhance productivity

Storage and Handling of Film

Unexposed DRYVIEW DVE Film must be stored at 39 to 75°F (4 to 24°C), at 30 to 50% RH, and properly shielded from x-rays, gamma rays, or other penetrating radiation in order to achieve consistent results up to the expiration date indicated on the film package.

Tests under ISO (International Standards Organization) methods indicate processed DRYVIEW Film is archivable for 100+ years when stored at ISO-recommended temperatures (maximum 77°F/25°C), at 30 to 50% RH— far exceeding requirements for oncology and pediatric applications

  • Carestream DVE 14×17″ (35×43 CM) DVE 125 SH